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Allot applies a detailed and precise methodology with highly rigorous standards.

Search and Recruitment

Consisting of the following steps:


Understanding the culture of the company: This allows planning the research based on the knowledge of the company’s structure, objectives, philosophy and competive market, as well as the general mission and specific responsibilities of the requested position.

Profile definition: The candidate’s competences and other characteristics are analyzed together with the client.

Research and recruitment: A systematic research is conducted to find in the market professionals that best match the type of business, based on the characteristics defined in the previous step.

Evaluation: Once the candidates have been identified, they are interviewed by the consultants to determine whether or not they meet the requirements of the position. During this step, the client shall be regularly informed on the progress of the process.

Candidate presentation: Candidates are presented by means of a confidential report which contains personal and professional information of each of the selected executives, based on information gathered during the search process and complemented by personality testing.

Support in the negotiation of the offer: Once the candidate has been selected, Allot supports the client in the negotiation of the job offer.

Follow-up: The follow-up process starts one month after the candidate has been hired, and continues for six to twelve months following the date of the contract to check how the candidate is adjusting and whether the executive’s expectations have been met.